Elders & Ministry Team

Meet the Elders

Andy Boykin


Greg Rhoden


David Breedlove


Mark Sullivan


John Ramsey


John Tyra


Meet the Ministry Team

Neil Reynolds

Senior Minister

Spiritual Gifts: Teaching & Leadership
Family: Wife — Katie, Daughters — Eden and Graceann
Likes: Golf, Lawn Care, and Running
Fun Fact: My alma mater’s mascot is the Wonder Boys.

Miles Tumbleson

Youth Minister

Spiritual Gifts: Teaching & Service
Mallory (wife), Tucker and Milo (cats)      
Hockey, Reading, Dungeons and Dragons
Fun Fact: 
I lived in a van during college.

Kristin Reed

Administrative & Outreach Minister

Spiritual Gifts: Administration & Service
wife to Michael + mom to a baby girl
Sunshine, Sushi, Slushies
Fun Fact: 
My hometown is where Cracker Barrel started. 

Jeffery Walker

Assistant Children's Minister

Spiritual Gifts: Service, Organization, & Friendship
Family: Single and "Adopted" into Multiple Families
Likes: Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies, Catching Up With Old Friends and Family, and Watching A Good Movie
Fun Fact: I've never flown on an airplane.

Dylan Kirkland

Campus Minister

Spiritual Gifts: Teaching & Knowledge
Family: Emma (Wife)
Likes: College Football, National Parks, Nonfiction Reading
Fun Fact: Emma and I met in the same campus ministry that my parents, aunt and uncle, and brother and sister-in-law did.

Trish Wilkerson

Assistant Campus Minister

Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, Shepherding, & Mercy
Family: wife to Andrew and mom to Eliza (4) and Caleb (1)
Likes: Road trips, A quality cup of coffee, Hiking in beautiful places
Fun Fact: I have a culinary degree.

Mary Mike Sullivan

Administrative Assistant

Spiritual Gifts: Discernment, Faith and Encouragement
Mark Sullivan (husband), Daughters - Lindsey Sullivan, Holly Jarchow (Daniel) and Maggie Sullivan   
Alabama Football, Ice Cream and WalMart
Fun Fact: 
I’m a true crime JUNKIE!