Prayer List

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Karen Logan requests prayers for Lekan Oguntoyinbo who is scheduled for surgery on Monday, May 23rd to remove a tumor from his brain. He has had multiple rounds of surgeries, radiation, and chemo and he is still fighting so Karen asks that we please fight in prayer with him. 5.16

  • Marilyn (Kim Wright's sister) is still having migraines, memory loss, and speech problems following brain surgery to remove a cyst. 5.1
  • James Wilkins (Richard Wilkins's dad) has recently had a biopsy of a tumor in his liver & one in his lymph node. 5.1
  • Danny Naramore 4.25
  • Anna Marshall 3.25
  • Gary Vaughan continues his rehab. 4.21
  • Linda Jacobs (Kyle Colburn's friend) has COVID. 4.20
  • Willie Mae Collins is having serious issues with her lungs. 4.13
  • Karen Logan is recovering from eye surgery (and second eye injection). 4.13
  • David Peterson (Bethany Wilhelm's dad) is recovering from heart surgery. 4.12
  • Wendy Bramlett's students: Christian and Cameron LaGrone's mother.  She is still in the hospital with COVID complications. 2.27
  • Paula Guidry will be having surgery on June 19 for a blockage by her spine. 4.7
  • Dodie Colevins is having health issues and needs prayer. 4.6
  • Kay Fransioli - recovering from surgery 4.4
  • Danny Mills (Candace Holliday's friend) - transplant recovery 4.3
  • Lyra Nelson (Kyle Colburn's friend) - pacemaker surgery 4.4
  • Jackie Atchison (Glisa Boykin's mom) 4.6
  • Felix and Jeanette Todd (Jeffery Walker's friends)
  • Tommy Gamble (Roberta Compton's brother-in-law)
  • Marian Starks (Walter Stark's mom) 2.20
  • Hayley Farris (Beth Guidroz's niece) 2.14
  • Hattie Presley 1.27
  • Vernita Garriott 
  • Ollie Michaels (Kirby Michaels's grandmother)
  • Melissa Holt
  • Dusty Smith (Tyler Jolly's friend)
  • Lillie West (Kathy Hofstadter's granddaughter)
  • Sandra Hearld (Kathy Hofstadter's mom)

  • Jimmy Carringer (Jeffery Walker's friend) 3.30
  • Jerry Perrigin (Kyle Colburn's family member) 3.7
  • William Glen (Pecola Collins's son) 3.2
  • Bruce Wade (Kyle Colburn's friend) 3.1
  • Casey Sears (Barbara Hankins's friend)
  • Buddy Boykin 
  • Brian Luoma (Barbara Friedman's friend)
  • Jeff Huff
  • Lynda Bailey (Gina Jackson's mom)
  • Lori Christian (Karen Logan's friend)
  • Joan Peterson (Hattie Presley's friend)
  • Schaffer (Krista Chambless's friend)
  • Ginger Beasley (Anna Keefer's friend)
  • Barbara Davis (Wendy Bramlett's friend)
  • Gene Rowland
  • Bob Landry

  • Mary Ann Bauer (Hattie Presley's friend) 2.22
  • Brandon Ligon - Jeffery Walker's friend
  • Carrell and Jean Anderson (Morning Pointe) 2.16
  • Jo Woodward (Pine Valley)
  • Barbara Varner
  • Annie Hill (Texas)
  • Tom and Bonnie Gross - Charles Gross's parents
  • Jim Whitehead 
  • Bettye Dunn (Glen Haven)
  • Linda Teat (Forest Manor) - Melissa Brinyark's aunt
  • Cindy Boykin (Heritage)
  • June Rollins (Forest Manor)
  • Betty Snyder (Morning Pointe) 

  • Please pray for the apprentices who are making final preparations to join the team in Eastern Europe for the next two years.